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The idea was made about eight months ago hanging With My Gnomies Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pajama Tee Shirts . My homie Blake Statkin, he had a studio session at his house and he invited Charlie Puth. Me and LAROI pulled up and we were just kicking it at the house. Charlie pulled up this analog synthesizer and played that “Stay” melody, LAROI was like, “Let me record over that right now.” He made that rough idea and put a snippet on Instagram and it just went crazy.How did the rest of the song come together?After the idea was made we let it sit for some months without really doing anything to it. A few months ago [LAROI’s manager] Bibby was like, “We should put the song out and put Justin Bieber on it.” Because this was when LAROI had just started kicking it with Bieber and building that relationship. LAROI was like to me, “Haan, can you finish this record? Add stuff to it and make it more fleshed out.”I went to my homies FnZ, they’re a producer duo from Australia, and they live out in L.A. So we linked them and worked on the song. The final outcome of the song is just a mix of everyone’s input and versions together.How soon before it came out did Justin hop on it?Justin hopped on it about two months ago, we planned to release it around then but I guess with how releases work, it just takes time.Did he record his part with LAROI or was that done separately?He actually did it with LAROI. LAROI had pulled up on him at his studio and played him the record and they just worked on the song and finished the record together.What was it like when you heard the final record?When I heard it I was like, “Yeah, this is a hit.” Justin went crazy on it, LAROI went crazy on it, the beat, I feel like everything together just sounded like it was finished.You and LAROI have a lot of songs together. What are some of your personal favorites?One of my favorite ones was on the original F-ck Love project called “RUNNING.” It’s a very underrated track, a lot of people haven’t heard it other than his core fanbase but that’s one of my favorite records on there, more of an R&B type song. And this other one called “NEED YOU MOST” which is an interpolation of “So Sick” by Ne-Yo.

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hanging With My Gnomies Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pajama Tee s Classic Women's T-shirt
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Unisex Sweatshirt
hanging With My Gnomies Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pajama Tee s Unisex Hoodie
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What do you think it is about you and LAROI that makes you work so well together?We always had the same perspective on music hanging With My Gnomies Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pajama Tee Shirts . We listened to a lot of the same music. Because we were such close friends, it made it so easy to make music and have no barriers. Sometimes when you might be in a room with people you don’t know or don’t know their vibe, it’s hard to be openly creative.You mentioned FnZ who are also from Australia, what’s the producer circle from there like?It’s kinda crazy because a lot of us haven’t really known each other friendship-wise. Through music and through the fact that we are Australian, which is such a minority in the industry, it brought us together. It’s like a familiar face who speaks the same, knows the same slang and culture. So usually, between FnZ, Keanu, and Khaled, we are like the main Australian producers that are making stuff overseas.What’s your advice for producers or artists that are trying to break out of Australia?I don’t really know how to explain how to break out of Australia but it’s really about networking and making the right connections with people overseas. It really just takes one song, or one record to put you on the map and you just keep building from that.I don’t really know how to answer that question right now because not enough people have broken out of Australia to even make a precedent. The best advice I’d give for every producer is to find an artist or person you really like working with and just build instead of trying to do something on your own. Especially as a producer, you need the vocals, it’s an important piece to the puzzle.Do you mainly create music when you’re with LAROI rather than making beats on your own?Oh yeah, like 90% of the time. For me, I like being hands-on in the room with an artist, rather than making beats and sending them to artists. That’s also a good method, there’s a lot of people that do that and I know a lot of rappers prefer that, but the best way to make music for me is to make the song in the studio and really get to work on the song after the vocals are there too. It’s kind of like a pop music mentality.So will you usually lay a melody and the artist starts recording or will you have put down some drums first?I usually find a really nice sample that I like or a loop that Keanu or FnZ had made, they’re my two favorite loop makers, and Khaled. I’ll go through them and find the one through feeling.With LAROI, I know his key for his Auto-Tune that he prefers to sing in, so I’ll usually put those loops in a similar key or around that similar range where it’s comfortable for him to come up with melodies. He usually picks the one he likes, and either I can lay some drums down on it, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll just load it up and he’ll just sing a song over the loop and I’ll do a lot of the drums and produc
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2 reviews for hanging With My Gnomies Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pajama Tee Shirts

  1. Mary Garofalo

    Good quality, clear printing and quality, is definitely one of the great shirts for me

  2. steph olson

    Just what I was looking for. Fits nicely and loos great. I would recommend you order at least a size LARGER than you normally wear. I typically wear XL but I ordered an XXL…which seems just right. I would imagine these fit more snug on compared to American sizes. (I ordered the Olive color and it’s spot on.)

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